Protective PSVR Accessories

Protective PSVR Accessories

So you’ve decided to purchase a PSVR console and experience the next phase of the video game revolution. You’ve got all the right equipment and you’ve set up adequate space for yourself to move around. You’re now totally immersed in your game. Think everything will be ok? Well, that’s what we all think until your unsecured VR controller flies off you flailing arms and your headset reaches the floor with enough impact to send you the nearest gaming store. Yes, it takes some time for us to be comfortable with VR technology but it’s better that you protect yourself and your money especially in the early stages.

VR gaming isn’t your everyday sit back on the couch activity. Protective gear can make the difference between many enjoyable VR experiences and searching for receipts to claim your warranty…..if you purchased one. Protective gear not only protects your equipment from major damage that occurs with sudden impact but also the wear and tear that can take place over a period of time. Protective gear also provides security when the PSVR components are not in use and exposed to our clumsiness. Our team put together a list of protective gear that can be purchased to protect your PSVR headset and controllers.

The VR King’s Protective PSVR Collection

PSVR 2-Piece Silicon Headset Case

PSVR Silicon Case for Controllers


PSVR Headset Stand

Customized PSVR Travel Bag

PSVR Controller Charging Station

Remember the products featured above including silicon cases can only provide a limited level of protection so it’s important that you develop good practices whenever your PSVR is in use or not. Please let us know what you think best practices are for maintaining your PSVR set in the comments below!

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