Top 10 PSVR Skins of 2017

Virtual reality is a world in itself. What once used to be imagination is now literally right in front of our eyes. People wonder how they can enhance their playstation virtual reality experience. How about placing your favorite character right outside the cover of your VR Headset? or a creative skin that changes the ambience of your VR experience as soon as you reach for your headset. The VR King Editors decided to take a poll and determine which PSVR skins deserved to be in our Top 10 list. These PSVR skins are of the finest quality and can guarantee a moderate level of protection which can prevent damages such as scratches.

If you want to fight along Darth Vader, then slap that skin on and become a stormtrooper. Let the Virtual reality experience begin before you put your headset on.

10. Danger PSVR Skin

9. Grand Theft Auto V PSVR Skin

8. Joker PSVR Skin


7. Dragon Ball Z Goku PSVR Skin

6. Nintendo Characters PSVR Skin

5. Overwatch Genji PSVR Skin

4. Spiderman PSVR Skin

3. Skull PSVR Skin

2. Storm Trooper PSVR Skin

1. Blue Fire Evil PSVR Skin

Hope you enjoyed this list and comment below with your thoughts!

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